Dear Marissa Mayer and Zachary Bogue

Congratulations to you both on your pregnancy¬†announcement!¬†After the birth of a¬†son,¬†the expectation of not only one girl but two must be exciting its own unique way. For Ms. Mayer, I’m sure the internet is already being inundated with opposing opinions on your intentions to work throughout your pregnancy and return to Yahoo shortly after your […]

Ethics of Manufacturing Habit-Forming Products

Habits are activities that cause us a little bit of pain when we¬†don’t do them. For example, how many of us check our social media feeds numerous times a day? The very thought of not having access to our phones incites¬†a twinge of discomfort knowing we can’t¬†check our Twitters, Instagrams, Facebook feeds, etc. Businesses¬†understand that […]

Boarding the Podcast Wagon: 5 Standouts

Media users¬†today face no dearth of avenues for consumption, yet podcasts have recently gained newfound momentum in¬†edging out their visual and analog counterparts in popularity*.¬†What used to be considered an arcane¬†relic of weary radio, podcasts saw their¬†resurgence with the likes of This American Life’s ‘Serial‘, Gimlet Media’s ‘StartUp,’ and WNYC’s ‘Freakonomics.’ Although¬†I got hooked on […]

Good Reads (So Far) of 2015

The vast majority of my time spent outside of work is dedicated to reading. Long-form blogs, interviews, conference transcripts, and of course, books. They dominate, and it’s a shame I don’t love e-books as much as hard-copy because my wallet and bookshelf¬†space would definitely benefit from going digital. Alas, I remain stubbornly loyal to reading¬†my […]

Love in the Time of Technology – Part I

It started as an innocuous curiosity. After having dabbled in a few online dating sites before moving onto the mobile dating landscape, I was itching for a new way to get to know more of New York’s host of colourful characters. Tinder was intimidating, CoffeeMeetsBagel and HowAboutWe had been messy and less appealing user experiences, […]

Pieces of Home

The very first one I can remember was white. It was followed by a quintessential red one, a metallic one tarnished with age, and then a wooden one that always leaked after a fresh rain fall. My latest one is also white, weathered from its years in the throes of nature. A new mailbox always […]

Finding Patience in the Race to Success

Six months ago, I was on a university weekend getaway weekend aptly titled “Senior Retreat.” The 48-hour escape provided the ideal opportunity for dozens of us seniors to engage in some true introspection. For weeks prior, most of us had been involved in a series of endless quests to fulfill outstanding bucket lists, questionable last […]

An Acute Precipice

It’s been over a week since my undergraduate career came to close, but¬†the tears I expected have yet to find me. They were absent during Senior Week, Commencement, and even when I moved out of my house. Granted I’m not one prone to tears, but I thought the¬†goodbye’s and see you later’s with¬†friends would leave […]

To the Class of 2014

It’s been a privilege to¬†spend my four years with all of you stellar individuals. And given that we’ve all popped one too many bottles of champagne these past few days, we probably won’t¬†remember the finer¬†details of commencement and graduation weekend in the future. However, what we undoubtedly¬†will¬†remember is this feeling; this feeling of unadulterated excitement […]